Moutai Cocktail Banana Dynasty

Bobby Portrait

Bobby Carey’s winning creation ‘Banana Dynasty’ has the true makings of a classic cocktail; incorporating precisely four ingredients to bring out the best of the Moutai Flying Fairy. Bobby has a love of Pina Coladas and a wardrobe full of Hawaiian shirts, which explains the tropical influence here. The Giffards Banane de Brésil adds a tropical touch without too much sweetness.


Banana Dynasty:
– Moutai Flying Fairy 40ml
– Giffards Banane Du Bresil 20ml
– La Quintyne Vermouth Royal, Rouge 15ml
– 2 dashes of Angostura bitters

Add all ingredients to a chilled mixing glass over ice and stir until perfectly chilled. Pour into a frosty cold Old Fashioned glass over crystal clear hand cut ice, twist orange peel over the glass to release oils and place peel neatly twisted on the glass.