Moutai Cocktail Ganbei Julep


Alissa surprised the judges of the competition by correctly identifying sorghum as an aroma when smelling Moutai. Having grown up in an area where Sorghum grew locally, Alissa was very familiar with the smell and its potential uses.

Her cocktail ‘Ganbei Julep’ was one of the most mesmerising of the competition. Served over crushed ice with specially selected incense and decorated with Chinese dragons and a garnish of beautiful flowers, this refreshing drink was a breath of fresh air.



Ganbei Julep:
– 30ml Moutai
– 30ml Coconut & White Chocolate Tea
– 10ml Rose Syrup
– 10ml Green Mango Puree
Build over Crushed ice and garnish with coconut, mint & orientally appropriate Tchotchkes.