What makes Moutai so unique?

What makes Moutai so unique?

5 Top reasons why Moutai is the Emperor’s choice


Only brandy from the town of Cognac can be labelled Cognac – similarly, Moutai can only be produced in the town of Moutai in the Guizhou Province. Due to its restricted regionality, and inability to be replicated anywhere else, Moutai is a limited and highly sought after resource. The Chinese government protects the Moutai region by ensuring no chemical factories can open near the ‘Fine Wine River’ which runs through the town. The water from this river is crucial to the distillation process.


Attempts to produce this mysterious spirit in other areas of China and beyond have failed. Due to high demand, the official producers of Moutai themselves have attempted to increase production by building a factory upstream of the town of Moutai, but found the quality and flavour to be inferior despite it being produced using the same river water and ingredients.

This is proof of the importance of the place of origin of Moutai. It is believed there are over 2000 types of microorganisms in the air in the town of Moutai and this is what contributes to the non-replicable flavour.


Moutai is a product of natural fermentation without the addition of any artificial additives. It has been certified in China as a green organic product. The process is also conducted entirely by hand over a whole year, using sophisticated techniques which have been passed down for generations. The product is believed to have countless health benefits.


Moutai is unique in that it is harvested according to the lunar calendar and distilled with a similar technique to perfume. The process involves 9 distillation sessions, 8 filtration sessions, 7 fermentation sessions and numerous maturation and blending traditions. It is this intensive and unique distillation process which results in the spirit’s lingering aftertaste and long lasting fragrance.

In accordance with the lunar calendar, wheat is picked during the Dragon Boat Festival and fermented during the Double Nines Festival, a symbol of longevity and traditional Chinese culture. This date is also chosen as it is in line with the harvest of sorghum.


Moutai is characterised by a complex aroma and taste. It has over 155 different flavours and aromas in every drop. Some of these aromas include wheat, grain, soy sauce, ripe bananas, malt beer, yeast, citrus, strawberries, mango, coconut, chocolate, caramel, tobacco, smoke, a grassy-green spiciness, floral aspects, roasted walnuts, mint and more.

You will have to try it to believe it.